Thursday, 23 January 2014

RIP The Moscow News Print Edition

Just a quick one today regarding the closure of the print edition of The Moscow News. For English speakers and expats, papers like The Moscow News and The Moscow Times provide invaluable insight into Russian affairs. They also provide foreign visitors to the Russian capital with much needed local knowledge and advice. The loss of a print edition of one of these papers is sad indeed not just for the readership but for the journalists themselves.

These papers rely on their print edition for keeping reading numbers up and can often be found in cafes, bars and hotels.

Russia is all over the news at the moment and the quality of coverage provided by English-language papers based in Russia is second to none. I only hope that The Moscow Times, which I believe belongs to another media group, can keep it's head above water at the moment.

Speculations as to why the paper has been half-closed will come in thick and fast with many journalists taking to twitter to express their confusion. I'll be following the story very closely as I once interned at one of Moscow's expatriate papers and basically made my start as a Russia-blogger/ journalism intern there.

A statement from The Moscow News can be found here:

More to follow.

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